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July 29

Art by Walter Rane

Walter Rane, who began his career as a magazine illustrator, has expanded into religious works and gained prominence for his Latter-day Saint-related pieces. His work has appeared in the LDS International Art Competition seven times.  The Church has commissioned a number of works, and owns about 90 of his paintings, which are used in visitor’s centers, temples, and other church buildings.

I Did Obey the Voice of the Spirit

She Had Supposed that We Had Perished

Their Joy was Full

Behold the Lamb of God

They did Treat Me with Much Harshness

I Did Raise My Voice that It Reached the Heaven

In the Service of Your God

Abinadi Had Testified

Come into the Fold of God

Alma, Arise

His Father Rejoiced

Such Great Faith

Come Forth! (Title of Liberty)

They Put Their Trust in God

He Did Bring Glad Tidings to My Soul

That Ye Might Believe in His Name

One By One

They Saw the Heavens Open

Angels Ministered Unto Them

I Even Remain Alone

Marvelous Were the Prophecies of Ether

         See some of his available prints at his websites:

July 26

A song to accompany 2 Nephi 9:2

Steve Green sings a beautiful song of longing and hope to God, “Touch Your People Once Again:”

“Restore your church again

Touch your people once again. . .

Let your kingdom shine upon this earth

Through a living, glorious church . . .

Restore authority and power”

Someone give him a Book of Mormon!

July 24

Through 1 Nephi 19 with God

Nephi explains why he is writing the plates, and makes comments on God’s efforts in teaching mankind through the ages, by means of prophets and scriptures.

God of Abraham • God of Isaac • God of Israel

God of Jacob • God of nature • God of our fathers

Holy One of Israel • Lord • Lord God

Lord their Redeemer • Spirit of God

July 24

An Internet Tour of 1 Nephi 7

The Character Council of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky used a Book of Mormon scripture in one of their informational brochures.

Some of the thinkers:  Matthew L. Bowen, Sydney B. Sperry, Jeffery R. Holland

Some of the titles:


Some of the websites/blogs:

July 24

Artist Joseph Franklin Brickey:  “I am an artist first for God's sake, then for art's sake. . . My art is not just for my fellow art community. My art is for my fellow man. It is for all lovers of truth and beauty, for discerning minds and hearts, no matter their artistic background or education. They may be from families anywhere in this wide world, living in wealth or in extreme poverty. They may know nothing of my artistic process, and be totally unaware of artistic issues and formal elements of art. But they love art. They love it for . . . its power to touch the deepest part of the being; for its power to inspire, to uplift, to instill awe for the beauties of the earth and engender love for the glories of Heaven.”

Brickey’s painting “They did not doubt” won a place at the 2008 Church-wide International Art Contest.

Lehi Studying the Plates


Ammon and Lamoni

Title of Liberty

They Did Not Doubt

Christ in America

Christ with the Children

In Rememberance

Learn more about the artist and see more of his works at his website:

July 22

Beautiful Music:

Lead Me, Lord

His Hands

Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel

We Come Rejoicing

Morning Prayer

I Will Rise

Lord, I Would Follow Thee

All Glory, Laud, and Honor

He Is Risen

July 22

Peace Child, by Don Richardson, isn’t about the Book of Mormon at all.  It is the story of the author’s missionary experiences among the cannibalistic, head-hunting Sawi of New Guinea in the 1960’s.  Like the sons of Mosiah, he endeavored to bring the message of Christ to a hardened and depraved people.  His insights into God’s preparation of these people is both enlightening and reassuring, and Latter-day Saints with the fulness of the gospel can take heart and learn from his teachings.

July 22

A Library Tour of 1 Nephi

A Library Tour of 2 Nephi

July 3

Through 1 Nephi 16 with God

Through 1 Nephi 17 with God

Through 1 Nephi 18 with God

July 1

Through 1 Nephi 13 with God

Through 1 Nephi 14 with God

Through 1 Nephi 15 with God

June 30

Through 1 Nephi 12 with God

June 30

An Artistic Tour of Alma

An Artistic Tour of Helaman

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