Through the Book of Mormon with God

a Tour of Discovery

If you’ve already read the Book of Mormon, I hope you will enjoy this guided tour and see it with new eyes.

You may have flown over the Book of Mormon and admired the contours and beauty of the historical narrative and the Christ-centered teachings.

You may have driven through the Book of Mormon with a Sunday school class, and found meaning and personal direction in the doctrinal teachings and the individual people and their struggles and triumphs.

You may have taken a bicycle tour, and learned about the abundance of evidence that supports the truth of the Book of Mormon, and how it correlates with the teachings of the Bible.

This is a walking tour.  We will not read every verse, but only those which refer to God.  We will not peek under every single rock, but we will seek to discover, verse by verse, how the Rock Himself is manifested on every page.

The Book of Mormon is the record of God's dealings with a group of people, and with individuals in that group.  It is a history, but a history of God's interactions, not just a story of names, dates, places, and events.  

The Book of Mormon has the words of God and the words of prophets describing God's actions and attributes.  

God is mentioned every 1.8 verses in the Book of Mormon.  If He is spoken of so often, we may assume that the Book of Mormon tells us a great deal about Him.

Enjoy this guided tour through the Book of Mormon.  We will stop and examine every verse which mentions God, whether this means God the Father, God the Son, or God the Holy Ghost.

Book of Mormon Feast

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1 Nephi

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God in 1 Nephi

Almighty GodEternal God

Everlasting GodFatherFather of Heaventhe First

GodGod of Abraham  • God of IsaacGod of IsraelGod of Jacob

God of NatureGod of our fathersHe that hath mercy on them

Holy GhostHoly OneHoly One of IsraelHoly Spirit

LambLamb of Godthe LastLordLord GodLord God Almighty

Lord his GodLord of HostsLord our GodLord their God

Lord thy GodLord your GodLord their Redeemera Man

MessiahMighty One of IsraelMighty One of JacobMost High God

OneProphetRedeemerRedeemer of IsraelRockSalvation

SaviorShepherdSon of the Eternal Father

Son of the Everlasting GodSon of GodSon of the Most High God

the Spirit   • Spirit of GodSpirit of the Lord

the True and Living GodTrue Vine

God in 1 Nephi by the Numbers

619 verses

God is mentioned by name:  321 verses = 52%

God is mentioned by pronoun:  43 verses = 7%

God speaks:  53 verses = 9%

Verses about God:  371 = 60%

Almighty God: 1

Eternal God: 1

Everlasting God: 1

Father: 2

Father of Heaven: 1

The First: 1

God: 76

God of Abraham: 2

God of Isaac: 2

God of Israel: 6

God of Jacob: 2

God of Nature: 1

God of our fathers: 1

He that hath mercy on them: 1

Holy Ghost: 9

Holy One: 1

Holy One of Israel: 9

Holy Spirit: 1

Lamb: 29

Lamb of God: 28

The Last: 1

Lord: 210

Lord God: 10

Lord God Almighty: 1

Lord his God: 1

Lord of Hosts: 2

Lord our God: 1

Lord their God: 5

Lord thy God: 4

Lord your God: 2

Lord their Redeemer: 2

A Man: 1

Messiah: 11

Mighty One of Israel: 1

Mighty One of Jacob: 1

Most High God: 1

One: 1

Prophet: 2

Redeemer: 9

Redeemer of Israel: 1

Rock: 1

Salvation: 1

Savior: 4

Shepherd: 2

Son of the Eternal Father: 2

Son of the Everlasting God: 1

Son of God: 5

Son of the Most High God: 1

The Spirit: 23

Spirit of God: 5

Spirit of the Lord: 7

The True and Living God: 1

True Vine: 1

2 Nephi

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2 Nephi 5