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Book of Mormon Feast

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A Musical Tour of 1 Nephi

1 Nephi 1:1

Nephi begins the Book of Mormon by explaining that because he knew of the goodness of God, he would write what he knew, and testify.  

We’ll Bring the World His Truth

A Cappella group Inside Out

words and music by Janice Kapp Perry

1 Nephi 1:20

Book of Mormon prophet Nephi said, “I will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance.”

You Are My Hiding Place

Selah, contemporary Christian vocal trio - Todd Smith, Allan Hall, and Nicol Sponberg

Words and music by Michael Ledner

1 Nephi 2:10

Book of Mormon prophet Lehi yearned that his sons might be righteous and follow Christ, in word and deed.  He said, “O that thou mightest be like unto this valley, firm and steadfast, and immovable in keeping the commandments of the Lord!”

Carry On

Priesthood Mens' Choir, from The Salt Lake County, Utah, Institutes of Religions

April 2012 Priesthood Session of General Conference

text by Ruth May Fox; music by Alfred Morton Durham  


1 Nephi 3:1-7

The Book of Mormon records that four young men received a challenging assignment from their father - travel through the desert to Jerusalem and obtain the brass plates from their relative Laban.  While his brothers complained and doubted, Nephi showed an example of courage and faith as he said, “I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them, that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.”

Nephi’s Courage

Linda Mat Kids

words and music by Bill N. Hansen, Jr. and Lisa T. Hansen

I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go

Acapella Christian Hymns

text by Mary Brown; music by Carrie E. Rounsefell

1 Nephi 3:18

About 600 B.C. Lehi, a citizen of Jerusalem, noted in the Book of Mormon that his fellow-countrymen “have rejected the words of the prophets.”  He knew that the civilization was doomed because they had thus rejected God.

Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

The Orem Institute of Religion Choir

Words by Joseph Stacy Murdock; verse 4 by Bruce Redd McConkie;

music by Joseph John Daynes

1 Nephi 4:6

         Nephi said, “I was led by the Spirit, no knowing beforehand the things which I should do.”

Lead Me, Lord

Elizabeth Goodine, with the First Baptist Church Midlothian Worship Choir

Words and music by Elizabeth and Wayne Goodine


1 Nephi 5:11

The people of the Book of Mormon took with them records which contained the books of Moses, and gave an account of the creation of the world, and of Adam and Eve.


Kelley Thompson Molinari

arrangement by her brother Scott Thompson of Seattle, Washington

text by William Wines Phelps; anonymous music

1 Nephi 8

One of the most memorable and powerful incidents recorded in the Book of Mormon is the Tree of Life vision, first seen by Lehi and then seen and interpreted by Nephi.  In the vision, the iron rod, which leads to the Tree of Life, represents the word of God.  We must hold fast to the rod, to find our way through the mists and mazes of this world.

The Iron Rod

Priesthood Choir from BYU, under the direction of Ronald Staheli

Priesthood Session of the April 2010 General Conference

text by Joseph L. Townsend, 1849-1942; music by William Clayson

1 Nephi 8:2

Lehi said, “Behold, I have dreamed a dream, or in other words, I have seen a vision.”  He then proceeded to share with his family the glorious vision of the Tree of Life, which represents the love of God, or in other words, the Savior of the World.

Be Thou My Vision

Nathan Pacheco

1 Nephi 10:5,6

Book of Mormon prophet Lehi taught his family about Christ, the Savior, saying that all the prophets had testified of Him:  “He also spake concerning the prophets, how great a number had testified of these things, concerning this Messiah, of whom he had spoken, or this Redeemer of the world.  Wherefore, all mankind were in a lost and in a fallen state, and ever would be save they should rely on this Redeemer.”

Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer and Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing


text and music by H.R. (Horatio Richmond)Palmer

text by Robert Robinson; music by John Wyeth

1 Nephi 10:18

As Nephi prepared to ask the Lord for more light and understanding, he testified in faith that “He is the same yesterday, today, and forever; and the way is prepared for all men from the foundation of the world, if it so be that tehy repent and come unto Him.”



You are the voice that calls in the silence

You are the light that shines in the dark

You hold me in any sorrow

See me through every shadow

Salva Me

1 Nephi 11

Because of his faith and his diligence in asking God, Nephi was blessed with the same vision and knowledge as his father Lehi.  His vision is exquisite and expansive.

Marilyn Arnold and Maurine Ozment capture some of the points in “Nephi’s Vision of the Tree of Life,” Sacred Hymns of the Book of Mormon, 18.

1 Nephi 11:27

Nephi records in the Book of Mormon that he saw in vision that “the Lamb of God went forth and was baptized of him; and after he was baptized, I beheld the heavens open, and the Holy Ghost come down out of heaven and abide upon him in the form of a dove.”

On the Wings of a Dove

Words and music by Bob Ferguson

1 Nephi 11:33

In the process of his panoramic vision, Nephi witnessed the climactic event of human history:  “I saw that He was lifted up upon the cross and slain for the sins of the world.”

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord

Three Mo’ Tenors

African-American slave spiritual

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord


African-American slave spiritual

1 Nephi 12:17

As Nephi saw the Tree of Life vision, an angel stood by, giving him inspired interpretations.  He learned, “The mists of darkness are the temptations of the devil, which blindeth the eyes, and hardeneth the hearts of the children of men, and leadeth them away into broad roads, that they perish and are lost.”  Thus the great importance to find the iron rod, the word of God, and hold fast to it.  The Bible and the Book of Mormon contain the word of God, as do the words of the prophets.

The Iron Rod

The BYU Men's Chorus

text by Joseph L. Townsend; music by William Clayson

1 Nephi 13:12-16

Nephi’s vision, which he recorded in the Book of Mormon, encompassed much of world history as it pertains to the rise and fall of people as they accepted and rejected God’s guidance.  Nephi saw a man among the “gentiles,” who crossed the ocean and came to the promised land, and the great nation which subsequently arose.  It was a nation of freedom, where the people worshipped God.

America the Beautiful

Ray Charles

text by Katherine Lee Bates; music by Samuel Augustus Ward

1 Nephi 13:17-19

The Book of Mormon records that Nephi saw that the nation on the Promised Land was under attack on land and on sea.  Then he saw that “the Gentiles that had gone out of captivity were delivered by the power of God out of the hands of all other nations.”

The Star-Spangled Banner

9-year-old Athena Creese

text by Francis Scott Key; music by John Stafford Smith

Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets NBA game

1 Nephi 13:24-26

The Book of Mormon stands beside the Bible as the word of God, a testament of Jesus Christ and His work among humanity.

The Eighth Article of Faith

Lilla Dalla Hast

text by Joseph Smith; music by Vanja Young Watkins


1 Nephi 13:35

The Book of Mormon prophesied of the time that it would come forth in the latter-days.  “These things shall be hid up, to come forth unto the Gentiles, by the gift and power of the Lamb.”

Now We’ll Sing with One Accord

Mark Geslison and Geoff Grobert - piano and guitar instrumental duet

text by William Wines Phelps; music by Joseph John Daynes

1 Nephi 13:37

The Book of Mormon describes the great work of the Latter-days, the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times:  “And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost; and if they endure unto the end they shall be lifted up a the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb; and whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be.”

Saints, Behold How Great Jehovah

Men's choir from BYU-Idaho

text by Douglas W. Stott; music by A. Laurence Lyon

Priesthood session of the April 2014 General Conference

1 Nephi 13:38,39

Book of Mormon prophet Nephi saw a panoramic vision of the future history of the world, including the far-distant time when the golden plates would be translated and presented to the world as the Book of Mormon.

What Glorious Scenes Mine Eyes Behold

Max Bradley Adams

anonymous text, ca. 1840; music by Ebenezer Beesley

1 Nephi 15:15

As Book of Mormon prophet Nephi contemplates the future time when the world will receive the Book of Mormon, and the native peoples will know their ancestry, in his excitement for their blessings he exclaimed, “And then at that day will they not rejoice and give praise unto their everlasting God, their rock and their salvation?  Yea, at that day, will they not receive the strength and nourishment from the true vine?  Yea, will they not come unto the true fold of God?”

In Hymns of Praise

Priesthood Choir from Logan Institute of Religion

text by Ada Blenkhorn; music by Alfred Beirley

1 Nephi 17:2

The Book of Mormon describes how Lehi’s family traveled through the wilderness on their journey to the Promised Land.  Latter-day Saint pioneers also trekked through the desert to arrive at a safe haven following the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Come, Come, Ye Saints

BYU Vocal Point

text by William Clayton; English folk song

1 Nephi 17:8-10

The Lord commanded Nephi to build a ship to carry the large family to the Promised Land.  He didn’t complain or question the Lord’s judgement or his own ability to do as asked, he just asked for help in some details.

Nephi’s Courage

Linda Matt Kids

text and music by Bill N. Hansen, Jr. and Lisa T. Hansen

1 Nephi 17:23

Nephi records in the Book of Mormon that he encouraged his brothers to obey whatever God commands by reminding them of their fathers who, in spite of their murmuring, followed Moses out of Egypt to the Promised Land.

God of Our Fathers, We Come unto Thee

Cantiques Karaokes

text by Charles William Penrose; music by Ebenezer Beesley

1 Nephi 17:35

As Nephi encouraged his brothers to faithfully follow what the Lord told them to do, he pointed out that by God’s power their ancestors had driven out the inhabitants of their Promised Land, so that they could inherit it, only because those who lived there were so wicked.

God of Our Fathers, Whose Almighty Hand

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

text by Daniel Crane Roberts; music by George William Warren

1 Nephi 17:36

The Book of Mormon teaches, “The Lord hath created the earth that it should be inhabited; and he hath created his children that they should possess it.”

The World Is So Big

words by Beverly Watkins Searle Spencer; music by K. Newell Dayley

1 Nephi 17:37-40

Nephi taught his brothers that God raises up a righteous nation and destroys the nations of the wicked, and he loves those who will have him to be their God.

God of Our Fathers, Known of Old

Friedrich Ludovico

text by Rudyard Kipling

1 Nephi 17:51

In the Book of Mormon Nephi has reviewed many wonders through the ages that God has done in behalf of His people.  Then he applies the scriptures to himself, saying, “If the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannot instruct me, that I should build a ship?”

Great Is the Lord

Michael W. Smith and a Gaither group

Text by Eliza Roxey Snow, 1804-1887; music by Ebenezer Beesley

1 Nephi 18:4

Following the Lord’s instructions, Nephi finished building the ship, and it was good.

Nephi’s Courage

Front Porch Acappella

words and music by Bill N. Hansen, Jr., and Lisa T. Hansen

1 Nephi 18:16

We read in the Book of Mormon that Lehi’s family journeyed across the waters in the ship that the Lord had commanded to be built.  But on the way, the rebellious brothers caused trouble, and, not wanting to be corrected any more, tied up Nephi.  He said, “Nevertheless, I did look unto my God, and I did praise him all the day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions.”

With All the Power of Heart and Tongue

Michael Sackett

text by Isaac Watts; music by Lowell Marsden Durham

1 Nephi 19:16

The Book of Mormon teaches that God will gather in those on the isles of the sea who are of the House of Israel, from the four quarters of the earth.  The Tenth Article of Faith states, “We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes. . .”

The Tenth Article of Faith

Christina Robertson

words by Joseph Smith; music by Vanja Young Watkins

1 Nephi 19:17

Nephi says that all the earth shall see the salvation of the Lord, “every nation, kindred, tongue and people shall be blessed.”

The Philippines, with 700,000 member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has been blessed with two operating temples, two under construction, and three more temples announced.

Lupang Hinirang (Philippine National Anthem)

Jessica Sanchez

before the Pacquiao-Bradley fight on April 12, 2014.

1 Nephi 20:14

Isaiah spoke of a time when the Lord would do a new work, and bring forth old information.  He further says that he loves the man who was his servant in declaring these things.

An Angel Came to Joseph Smith

Taryn Cowley

text by Anna Johnson; music by A. Laurence Lyon

1 Nephi 20:18

The Lord said through Isaiah, “O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments!  Then had thy peace been as a river.”  Peace is a great blessing of the gospel, as defined by God himself.

Sweet Is the Peace the Gospel Brings

A father-and-son choir from stakes in Centerville, Bountiful, and West Bountifultext by Mary Ann Morton; music by Alfred Morton Durham

1 Nephi 21:1

In the Book of Mormon, Nephi copied the words of Isaiah, where the Lord called on His multitudes throughout the world to hearken and listen.

Awake and Arise

Latter-day Moroni

text by Theodore Edward Curtis; music by Carolee Curtis Green

1 Nephi 21:6

The Book of Mormon describes one assignment from God:  “It is a light thing that thou shouldst be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel.  I will also give thee for a light to the Gentiles, that thou mayest be my salvation unto the ends of the earth.”  As we are individually raised by the gospel and the atonement of Christ, so we should be lights to those still wandering in darkness.

You Raise Me Up

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

Song by the duo Secret Garden:  text by Brendan Graham; music by Rolf Løvland

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square sings “You Raise Me Up.”  (Song by the duo Secret Garden:  text by Brendan Graham, b. 1945; music by Rolf Løvland, b. 1955)

You Raise Me Up

Steph Hartman & Michael

1 Nephi 21:8

Isaiah describes how God will use His servant to call Israel back to him, back to the Promised Land and back to their Messiah.

Israel, Israel, God Is Calling

The Lower Lights

text by Richard Smyth; music by Charles Crozat Converse

1 Nephi 21:10

Isaiah describes the glories of Zion:  “They shall not hunger nor thirst, neither shall the heat nor the sun smite them; for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them.”

Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded

John Hunt

text by Thomas Kelly; music by A.C. Smyth

1 Nephi 21:12

The Isaiah record in the Book of Mormon teaches that God will lead His children home “from far. . . From the north and from the west. . .”

Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

text by William Williams; music by John Hughes

1 Nephi 21:16

         The Lord said, “I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands.”

His Hands

1 Nephi 21:23

Nephi write Isaiah’s words of the Saints in the Latter-days:  “They shall not be ashamed that wait for me.”

We’re Not Ashamed to Own Our Lord

Justin Lehman

words by William W. Phelps; music by John Longhurst

1 Nephi 22:11,12

The Book of Mormon records Nephi’s description of the great work the Lord will do through His servants in the Latter-days:  “They shall be gathered together to the lands of their inheritance; and they shall be brought out of obscurity and out of darkness; and they shall know that the Lord is their Savior and their Redeemer, the Mighty One of Israel.”

Go, Ye Messengers of Heaven

The Priesthood choir from the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo Utah

text by John Taylor; music arranged by F. Christensen

180th Semiannual General Conference

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Priesthood session, Saturday evening 2 October 2010

Redeemer of Israel

Paul Cardall

text by William W. Phelps; music by Freeman Lewis

1 Nephi 22:14-19

Nephi saw our day, when the righteous people would be severely threatened.  He said, “The righteous shall not perish; for the time surely must come that all they who fight against Zion shall be cut off.”

Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded

Megan Searles

words by Thomas Kelly; music by A.C. Smyth

1 Nephi 22:15-17

The Book of Mormon assures us that, though conditions will surely worsen, we must press on in living righteous lives:  “He will preserve the righteous by his power, even if it so be that the fulness of his wrath must come, and the righteous be preserved, even unto the destruction of their enemies by fire.  Wherefore, the righteous need not fear, for thus saith the prophet, they shall be saved even if it so be as by fire.”

Let Us All Press On

EFY 2010 Music

text and music by Evan Stephens

1 Nephi 22:25

Nephi writes in the Book of Mormon that God will gather His children, and He knows them.

The Voice of God Again Is Heard

Sing a New Song to the Lord

text and music by Evan Stephens

2 Nephi