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An Internet Tour of 1 Nephi 6

1 And now I, Nephi, do not give the genealogy of my fathers in this part of my record; neither at any time shall I give it after upon these plates which I am writing; for it is given in the record which has been kept by my father; wherefore, I do not write it in this work.

2 For it sufficeth me to say that we are descendants of Joseph.

Feelings About the Judeo-Christian Connection from Playing Joseph?

Donny Osmond

3 And it mattereth not to me that I am particular to give a full account of all the things of my father, for they cannot be written upon these plates, for I desire the room that I may write of the things of God.

It Mattereth Not to Me . . . for I Desire the Room

Book of Mormon Study Notes

Room for Doubt Respects Agency

Steve Reed – One Climbs

1 Nephi 6:3-5

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Nephi:  A Postmodernist Reading

Benjamin J. McGuire, Interpreter Foundation 2014

4 For the fulness of mine intent is that I may persuade men to come unto the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, and be saved.

“For the fullness of mine intent”

Agabus.  August 9, 2009

Nephi on Record Keeping

Book of Mormon Musings

Finding Christ in the Book of Mormon

Carol F. McConkie, Church News April 13, 2017

5 Wherefore, the things which are pleasing unto the world I do not write, but the things which are pleasing unto God and unto those who are not of the world.

Nephi Defines the Purpose of the Record

Rob Watson

American Testament

The Gospel and the Arts, a Latter-day Saint Perspective

LDS Artists

The Sacred Engraving Project

6 Wherefore, I shall give commandment unto my seed, that they shall not occupy these plates with things which are not of worth unto the children of men.

The Book of Mormon Is the Word of God

Ezra Taft Benson.   Ensign, January 1988

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