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A Musical Tour of Alma 1-27

Alma 1:30

About 90 B.C. the people of the Book of Mormon enjoyed a Golden Age. While they increased in wealth and learning, they also remembered to share their bounty with those less fortunate.

Thurl Bailey sings “Because I have been given much,” with Marvin Goldstein on the piano.  A very warm and mellow musical performance.  (LDS Hymns 219; text by Grace Noll Crowell, 1877-1969; music by Phillip Landgrave, b. 1935)  

Alma 5:9

Not long after some Book of Mormon people had been rescued by God from a life of captivity, the prophet Alma reminded the people of that history, and how joyful they were at that time, as they sang redeeming love.

Cantiques Karaokes presents “Raise Your Voices to the Lord”  Sing along!  (LDS Hymns, 61; text and music by Evan Stephens, 1854-1930)

Alma 5:14

The prophet Alma asked some searching questions in the Book of Mormon:  “Have you received the image of God in your countenance?  Have yuo spiritually been born of God?  Have ye experienced this mighty change in your heart?”

Jane Mecham sings “Have You Received His Image in Your Countenance?”  Lovely musical performance and illustrations.  (Words and music by Janice Kapp Perry, b. 1938)

Alma 5:19,21

In the Book of Mormon, Alma emphasized the importance of living a clean life, repenting of sin to keep it clean, and relying upon the Redeemer to cleanse us through His blood, because the day will come that we will meet with God to give an accounting.

Sing a New Song to the Lord presents “While of These Emblems We Partake” . They specialize in singing hymns set to music different from what one normally sings. (LDS Hymns 174; words by John Nicholson, 1839-1909)

Alma 5:37,38

Alma encouraged the people of the Book of Mormon who had strayed from God’s ways and were wandering about as sheep with no shepherd to come back.  There is a Good Shepherd calling after you - hearken to His voice!

Anne Britt plays “Ye Simple Souls Who Stray” from her album Eventide, on the piano.  (LDS Hymns, 118; words by Charles Wesley, 1707-1788; music by Evan Stephens, 1854-1930)

Alma 5:45,46

Alma taught Book of Mormon people and us how he knows the truth of what he has been teaching them: He has fasted and prayed to know, and he knows by the Holy Spirit of God.

Juli Beesley convincingly sings “Testimony,” accompanying herself on the guitar.  (LDS Hymns, 137; words by Loren C. Dunn , 1930-2001; music by Michael Finlinson Moody, b. 1940 )

Alma 5:50

In about 83 B.C. Book of Mormon prophet Alma declared, “Repent, all ye ends of the earth, for the kingdom of heaven is soon at hand.”

Three Irish Tenors sing the very powerful “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” (LDS Hymns, 60; words by Julia Ward Howe, 1819-1910; music by anon, ca. 1861)

Alma 5:50

Alma teaches the people of the Book of Mormon that “The Son of God cometh in his glory, in his might, majesty, power, and dominion.”

David Archuleta & the Mormon Tabernacle Choir present a very tender and joyful live musical performance of “Joy to the World.” (LDS Hymns, 201; words by Isaac Watts, 1674-1748; music by George F. Handel, 1685-1759)

Alma 5:50

In the Book of Mormon, Alma teaches that “The glory of the King of all the earth, and also the King of heaven shall very soon shine forth among all the children of men.”

Josh Groban sings “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear”  from his album Noel.  (LDS Hymns, 207; words by Edmund H. Sears, 1810-1876; music by Richard S. Willis, 1819-1900)

Alma 7:10

Alma taught a Book of Mormon group that the Son of God would soon be born of Mary, at Jerusalem, the land of their forefathers.”

Soprano Olga Szyrowa sang a beautiful “Ave Maria,” composed by Michal Lorenc and accompanied by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.  1995 performance.  The video movie clip is from Jesus of Nazareth, 1977.  

The unequaled tenor Luciano Pavarotti sang Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria” in 1978 live in Montreal, Canada.

9-year-old angel Almira Willighagen sang “Ave Maria” in the 2013 Semifinals of Holland’s Got Talent.  This musical performance is so beautifully jaw-dropping.

Alma 7:10-12

Book of Mormon prophet Alma taught his people that the virgin, a precious and chosen vessel, would soon bring forth the Son of God.

Michael Bublé delivers a sweet and peaceful “Silent Night,” from his album Michael Bublé Christmas.  Accompanied by a children’s choir.  (LDS Hymns, 204; words by Joseph Mohr, 1792-1848; music by Franz Gruber, 1787-1863)

Alma 7:27

Alma concluded his speech to the Book of Mormon group by invoking a blessing from God to rest upon them and their families

The Festival Choir & Hosanna Chorus sing “Our Father, By Whose Name All Fatherhood Is Known” from their musical album Sweet Hour of Prayer - 60 Classic Church Hymns.  (LDS Hymns, 296; words by F. Bland Tucker, 1895-1984; music by John David Edwards, 1806-1885)

Alma 9:28

Alma told the people in the Book of Mormon city of Ammonihah that they will reap what they sow.

Alex Boye, Carmen Rasmusen Herbert, and Zion’s Youth Choir sing a very energetic “Have I Done Any Good?”  Illustrated by video of Helping Hands - people giving service here and there.  (LDS Hymns, 223; words and music by Will L. Thompson, 1847-1909)

Alma 10:7

Book of Mormon prophet Alma was rejected by the people of Ammonihah.  But God knew He wanted His message delivered to that city, so He sent an angel to tell one of the prominent citizens, Amulek, “Thou shalt feed a prophet of the Lord; yea, a holy man, who is a chosen man of God.”

Latter-day Moroni presents a musical performance of “We Listen to a Prophet’s Voice.”  Illustrated.  (LDS Hymns, 22; words by Marylou Cunningham Leavitt, 1928-2014; music by Darwin K. Wolford, b. 1936)

Alma 13:22

Alma taught the Book of Mormon people in Ammonihah that God was sending angels to declare the glad tidings of great joy, that the Only Begotten Son would soon come to earth.  God told the Book of Mormon people, as He told the people of ancient Jerusalem, because he loves all people upon the earth.

Boys choir Libera sang “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” at a live concert at the Basilica of the Nationa Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.  This is from Libera’s Album Libera in America.  (The words were written by Henry Van Dyke, and the music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.)

Alma 13:25

God’s people in the Book of Mormon knew that His Son would be born in the land of Jerusalem.  Alma said, “And now we only wait to hear the joyful news declared unto us by the outh of angels of his coming; for the time cometh, we know not how soon.  Would to God that it might be in my day, but let it be sooner or later, in it I will rejoice.”

Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson (The Piano Guys), Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, along with a Live Nativity present a wonderful musical performance of “Angels from the Realms of Glory.”  “Over A Thousand People Came Together To Break a Record And Bring This Moving Christmas Hymn To Life”  (words by James Montgomery; French tune)

Alma 13:28

Book of Mormon prophet Alma taught the people:  “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and call on his holy name, and watch and pray continually, that ye may not be tempted above that which ye can bear, and thus be led by the Holy Spirit, becoming humble, meek, submissive, patient, full of love and all long-suffering.”

Sungbong Choi, first recognized on Korea’s Got Talent, sings “I Pray,” a new single album.  (English subtitles)

Alma 13:28,29

Alma taught his people:  “Have faith on the Lord, and a hope that you shall receive eternal life.”

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang “O Thou Kind and Gracious Father”  at General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  (LDS Hymns, 150; words by Charles Denney, Jr., 1849-1937; music by George Careless, 1839-1932)

Alma 13:28,29

In the Book of Mormon, Alma taught the people to “Have the love of God always in your hearts, that ye may be lifted up at the last day and enter into his rest.”

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, accompanied by Jeannine Goeckeritz on the flute and Tamara Oswald on the harp, sang “Where Love Is.” (LDS Children’s Songbook, 138; words by Joanne Bushman Doxey, b. 1932, and Norma B. Smith, b. 1923; music by Joanne Bushman Doxey, b. 1932, and Marjorie Castleton Kjar, b. 1927 )

Alma 14:13

The Book of Mormon people of the city of Ammonihah have had a second chance to hear the gospel, and once again have firmly rejected the Lord.  This time, in addition to rejecting the words of the prophets, they have burned the faithful women and children in a fire.  Amulek was concerned that they, too, would be burned, but Alma assured him that they had not yet finished their message.  And after that, they would trust God with whatever happened.

Father Alphonsus Mary sings, a cappella, a traditional Catholic Church hymn “Faith of Our Fathers.” (LDS Hymns, 84, words by Frederick W. Faber, 1814-1863; music by Henri F. Hemy, 1818-1888; refrain by James G. Walton, 1821-1905)

Alma 14:26

In the Book of Mormon, Alma and Amulek were imprisoned under cruel conditions. Finally Alma cried to God for help, for strength according to their faith in him, for deliverance.  They then broke the bonds with which they were tied, and their persecutors fled in fear.

The Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute Singers sing a cappella “O God, Our Help in Ages Past.”  Illustrated. (LDS Hymns, 31; words by Isaac Watts, 1674-1748; music by William Croft, 1677-1727

Alma 15:17

Book of Mormon prophet Alma successfully helped the people of Sidom to humble themselves and pray.

Boys’ choir Libera sang a very reverent and musical rendition of “Prayer” at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC.

Alma 15:18

After their distressing experiences in Ammonihah, Book of Mormon prophet Alma took Amulek to his own home and strengthened him in the Lord, and administered to him in his afflictions.

The Mormon Youth Chorus sings “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” (LDS Hymns, 68; words by Martin Luther, 1483-1546; music attributed to Martin Luther)

Alma 22

The Lamanites of the Book of Mormon lived without God for generations.  Then some brave missionaries entered their lands and began teaching them, suffering much in the process.  The king was so impressed by the missionaries’ demeanor and love that he requested they visit him, so Aaron did.  Aaron began with the basics.  The king said he didn’t know if there was a God or not, but “If now thou sayest there is a God, behold I will believe.”  He kept this humble and teacheable attitude and was able to come to know God, with many of his people.

Marilyn Arnold and Maurine Ozment have combined their musical talents to produce the song “I Will Believe,” from their book Sacred Hymns of the Book of Mormon.

“If you say that God lives, I’ll believe, I’ll believe,”

Cried the king as he bowed to the ground.

“I’ll believe what you teach, I’ll believe, I’ll believe;

I was lost, I was lost, now I’m found.”

Alma 23,24

As a result of faithful missionaries’ work, many Lamanites in the Book of Mormon were converted to Christ.  But not all.  Those who did not convert took it upon themselves to kill those who did.  The new converts made a vow not to shed anyone’s blood, and they buried their swords to keep them bright.

Marilyn Arnold and Maurine Ozment wrote “Our Swords Are Made Bright,” published in their book Sacred Hymns of the Book of Mormon.

Our swords are made bright, let us hide them away;

Our swords, let us stain them no more.

Our swords are washed clean through the blood of the Lamb,

Now bury them deep, I implore.

Alma 24:10

The Book of Mormon Lamanite King Anti-Nephi-Lehi encouraged his people, “I thank my God, yea, my great God, that he hath granted unto us that we might repent, and also that he hath forgiven us of those our many sins, and taken away the guilt from our hearts, through the merits of his Son.”

Libera, touring America with their music in 2014, sang “How Great Thou Art!”  (LDS Hymns 86; Words by Stuart K. Hine, 1899 - 1989; Swedish folk melody, ca. 1891)

Alma 24:14

In the Book of Mormon, Lamanite King Anti-Nephi-Lehi taught his people about God’s love:  “He hs made these things known unto us beforehand, because he loveth our souls as well as he loveth our children; therefore, in his mercy he doth visit us by his angels, that the plan of salvation might be made known unto us as well as unto future generations.”  (The angels he mentions were actually missionaries.)

Marden Pond presents a powerful instrumental version of “God Is Love” from his album, Pastorale.  (LDS Hymns, 87; words by Isaac Watts, 1674-1748; music by Joseph J. Daynes, 1851-1920)

Alma 24:23

The Christian convert Lamanites of the Book of Mormon who had buried their sword and make a covenant not to take them again, even to defend themselves, were attacked by their enemies.  They praised God even in the very act of perishing under the sword, which caused many of their enemies to cease the attack and join the believers.

Gethsemane Episcopal Church members, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, accompanied by an organ, sang “All Glory, Laud, and Honor”  on Palm Sunday of 2013.  (LDS Hymns, 69; words by Theodulph of Orleans, ca. 760-821; music by Melchior Teschner, 1584-1635)

Alma 25:15

The Book of Mormon Christians, Lamanites and others, were all Israelites, so they kept the Law of Moses until Christ’s resurrection.  They knew that it was a type of His coming.

The Romanian musical trio Noblesse sings “The Lord Bless You and Keep You

Alma 26

The missionaries, serving for over ten years among the Lamanites, have had wonderful success.  Their leader, Ammon, praised God:  “Let us glory, yea, we will glory in the Lord; yea, we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praise our God forever.”                  

Marilyn Arnold wrote the text, and Maurine Ozment wrote the music to “In My God I Do Rejoice,” from their book Sacred Hymns of the Book of Mormon, 13.

Alma 26:3

Ammon the Book of Mormon missionary leader praises God for his salvation:  “They were in the darkest abyss, but behold, how many of them are brought to behold the marvelous light of God.”

BYU Noteworthy present a wonderfully beautiful musical and video performance of “Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone.”  (“Amazing Grace” words by John Newton, 1725-1807; “My Chains Are Gone” Chris Tomlin)

Alma 26:8

In the Book of Mormon, missionary leader Ammon encourages his fellow-missionaries:  “Blessed be the name of our God; let us sing to his praise, yea, let us give thanks to his holy name, for he doth work righteousness forever.”

The Cambridge Singers & The City of London Sinfonia sing “Now Thank We All Our God.” (LDS Hymns, 95; words by Martin Rinkhart, 1586-1649, translated by Catherine Winkworth, 1829-1878; music by Johann Cruger, 1598-1662)

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings “Sing We Now at Parting.” (LDS Hymns, 156; words by George Manwaring, 1854-1889; music by Ebenezer Beesley, 1840-1906)

Chad Woolner & David Brallier present a musical “Come, Let Us Sing an Evening Hymn”  from their album Hymns Made of String Vol. II.  (LDS Hymns, 167; words by William W. Phelps, 1792-1872; music by Tracy Y. Cannon, 1879-1961)

Latter-day Moroni presents a musical “Rejoice!  A Glorious Sound Is Heard.”  Illustrated with scenes from the Restoration.  (LDS Hymns, 257; words by W.O. Robinson, 1876-1979; music by Frank W. Asper, 1892-1973)

        The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings “On This Day of Joy and Gladness.” (LDS Hymns, 64; text and music by Leroy J. Robertson, 1896-1971)

Alma 26:12

Book of Mormon missionary leader told his companions, “I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things.”

A BYU Idaho Combined Priesthood Choir, at April 2009 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sang “Sing Praise to Him.” (Hymns, 70; words by Johann J. Schultz, 1640-1690; translated by Frances Elizabeth Cox, 1812-1897; music from Bohemian Brethren’s Songbook, 1566)

Alma 26:14

Missionary Ammon, in the Book of Mormon, said to his companions, “We have reason to praise him forever, for he is the Most High God, and has loosed our brethren from the chains of hell.”

David Crowder, accompanied by percussion and gentle guitar, sings “All Creatures of Our God and King.”   Illustrated.  (LDS Hymns, 62; words by St. Francis of Assisi, 1182-1226; translated by William H. Draper, 1855-1933; German melody, arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1872-1958)

Alma 26:15

In the Book of Mormon, Ammon the missionary praises the Lord.

Allyse Smith Taylor and James Loynes sing a duet, accompanied by Marvin Goldstein on the piano, of  “Because He Lives.”  Illustrated.  This song in available on two different albums, “My All Is Thine,” by Allyse Smith Taylor, and “How Can I Keep from Singing?” By James Loynes.  (Written and composed by Sally DeFord)

Alma 26:16

Ammon praises the Lord in the Book of Mormon:  “Behold, who can glory too much in the Lord?  Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his mercy, and of his long-suffering towards the children of men?  Behold, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel.”

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings “With Songs of Praise.” (LDS Hymns, 71; words by Penelope Moody Allen, b. 1939; music by Newel Kay Brown, b. 1932)

Alma 27:27,30

The Book of Mormon records that the Lamanites who converted to the Lord “were distinguished for their zeal towards God, and also towards men; for they were perfectly honest and upright in all things; and they were firm in the faith of Christ, even unto the end.”

Concert Pianist Paul Cardall plays “God Speed the Right” from his album Daily Devotions.  (LDS Hymns, 106; words by William E. Hickson, 1803-1870; music by Ernst Moritz Arndt, 1796-1860)

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